XP Power predstavlja novo serijo visokonapetostnih napajalnikov HRL30

Nova serija 30W DC-DC visokonapetostnih napajalnikov izhodne napetosti 200V-6kV

New HRL30 series of miniature high voltage DC-DC converters offer outputs up to 6kVDC at 30 Watts

The HRL30 series, is a 30W regulated high voltage DC-DC converter product line, taking us to the next level of output power in our miniature high voltage product offering. HRL30 is the first DC-HVDC product in our product line that provides both voltage and current mode controls. This product is using an updated design topology, making it easier to deliver accurate high voltage with higher efficiency.

The input voltage is 24VDC nominal, with an operating range from 22 to 30VDC. Available initially with positive or negative DC outputs of: 0 to 600V; 0 to 1kV; 0 to 5kV; 0 to 6kV. The full range extends from 0 to 200V up to 0 to 6kV, with further intermediate voltages available. Please consult the datasheet for more details on the available models and options.

This product features constant voltage and constant current operation, with automatic crossover to current limiting mode, preventing the delivered current from exceeding the programmed current level. Once the overload condition is removed, the output voltage is automatically returned to its set point and the power supply returns to a voltage regulated mode of operation.

The operating temperature range is -40°C to +70°C with extended temperature options available up to 85°C. Stability is 100ppm/8 hours (after 30 min. warm up). The UL94V-0 DAP plastic case has an aluminum clad baseplate incorporating the power converting element of the design, making it thermally superior product compared to the competition. Dimensions are: 3.0” x 1.5” x 0.75” (76.2 x 38.1 x 19.05mm), the total weight is 120g.

The HRL30 series units are designed to meet the latest RoHS requirements and have 62368 safety approvals pending. It has digital compatible voltage & current monitors & controls, which can be easily integrated into in any application. Current regulation protects against overload  and short circuit conditions. The unit has built in ARC protection as well. The baseplate and encapsulated PCB mount construction is optimized for high voltage operation, with 1.5kV isolation to the baseplate.

This HRL30 is aimed at semiconductor, analytical and detector markets which are key markets for our miniature high voltage products. Some of the prominent product features are smaller size, constant voltage and constant current control with superior thermal performance. Typical applications: Mass spectrometry; Electrostatic chuck; Detectors (Photomultiplier tubes); E-beam/ion beam; Electrophoresis, Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), Capacitor charging.



  • Output voltages up to 6kV
  • Positive and negative models are available
  • PCB mount, baseplate cooled
  • Designed to meet UL, CE and RoHS standards
  • Input voltage 24VDC nominal (22 to 30VDC)
  • On-board +5VDC reference
  • Efficiency >80% under full load
  • Line & load regulation <0.01% in voltage mode
  • Low ripple <0.05%
  • Arc, short-circuit & thermal overload protection
  • 0 to 100% programmable voltage & current
  • Voltage & current monitor outputs
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
  • 3 year warranty


The HRL30 series ±600V, ±1kV, ±5kV and ±6kV models are now available for order.


Za podrobnejše informacije nas kontaktirajte na info@elbacomp.si ali pokličite + 386 1 583 7939.


Mass Spectrometry
E-beam/Ion Beam
Electrostatic Chuck
Capacitor Charging
Photo Multiplier Tube
Scanning Electron Microscopy